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Purchasing a Central Heating System

Hardly a day goes by, particularly when the weather is bad, that the cost of heating your home is not mentioned in the media. Usually the story is about energy suppliers, the escalating costs of home energy and the proliferation of different plans you can sign up to in order to pay for your central heating. However, there are ways you can mitigate these costs. One of them is replacing your existing system with new central heating. New condensing boilers, particularly if they replace 10-15 year old non-condensing units, can offer considerable efficiency savings and subsequent savings up to £300 a year on your energy bills.

Researching your products

This kind of replacement work used to be the kind of job that your plumber would take on, sourcing the materials – in this case a central heating pack – from a local trade outlet and passing the costs on to you as part of the final price. These days, the presence of online suppliers means that if you have a good idea about the kind of central heating pack (which usually comprise a boiler unit and radiators) you need, you can shop around on the world wide web and source it yourself. The advantages are clear. Instead of having to rely on your plumber getting the best price at the trade counter, you can browse different suppliers. The other advantage is that looking through the catalogues of products online might give you better information about the types of central heating pack available. When you have chosen your new system, you can buy it yourself and simply have your plumber install it. You can, of course, ask any Gas Safe plumber for advice on central heating packs if you are not sure which one would be suitable for your home.

Research your supplier

A reputable online supplier of central heating packs will have a full range of products for you to browse, with models from different manufacturers. You can also choose different configurations of radiator types and come up with the ideal pack for your home. Prices vary by make and model, but you should expect a central heating pack with up to seven radiators to be between £679 and £1100 (ex VAT). When you have purchased your ideal central heating pack and had it delivered, your local Gas Safe plumber should be able to fit it for you. With the savings on your energy bills, your new central heating should pay for itself in only a few years.