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Free Boiler

Free boilers have been around since the introduction of the ECO Scheme, designed to help families on a low income. But the funding is becoming somewhat confusing for most heating installers.

The Good news is that LBR is still able to offer Free Boilers providing you meet a certain criteria.

Apply for a Free Boiler Here

What happens if I am not able to get a Free Boiler?

You may still be eligable for a boiler grant. This is a contribution towards a new installation and sometimes theres little difference in what you may have to pay. Complete funding is not available to everyone but if you fill in the application form, we can give you an instant answer.

I’m a landlord, can I apply for a free boiler?

You cannot apply as a landlord but if you have a tenant that meets the application critera; they can apply and get your consent for any installation.

Is this part of the Greendeal?

The greendeal has now finished as not really deemed a success, so no, this is not part of the Green Deal.

Are you a local company?

Yes, we are as the name sugests. However, this question is asked a lot because of the amount of middle men and lead generation companies bidding for your application.

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