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Heating Installations

According to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing your old inefficient boiler with a new and efficient condensing boiler can save you up to £310 per year and reduce the carbon emissions from your property by up to 1200kg each year.

Newer boilers are manufactured using condensing technology to ensure that they create the most energy for the fuel they use.  The majority of modern boilers are o around 90% efficient.

Most older boilers also use a hot water cylinder.  This can be effective if your household uses a lot of hot water, but heat can be lost from the hot water cylinder and wasted.  Modern combination boilers, or ‘combis’ for short, do not require a separate hot water cylinder and are therefore a preferred option if you are short of space.

Whatever the boiler you need, we work with trained Gas Safe registered engineers who can give you the benefit of their significant experience to recommend the best boiler type and model for you.  We support the process by agreeing competitive prices on your behalf and supporting the engineers with excellent customer service.  We can also offer you a range of payment options, including credit and debit card, and we work with Heatkey Ltd to offer finance packages to assist your purchase.

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