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What is Power Flushing?

Central heating powerflushing is a process whereby water and chemical cleaner are flushed through your central heating system by a machine developed for this purpose. The cleaner, together with vibration techniques, loosen sludge and rust build up, and this is collected through a magnet filter. The flushing continues until water samples from the system are clean and pH neutral. Finally a rust inhibitor is added to the system and radiators are re-balanced. There is no need to remove or disconnect any radiators or pipework, and the entire process can be completed within 4 to 6 hours.

Why should I Powerflush my central heating system?

We estimate that around 80% of boiler maintenance issues could be avoided or minimised by central heating powerflushing. Where rust and other debris is present in the system, this can lead to cold spots on radiators, blockages in pipework and the malfunction of your boiler.

How long does my Powerflush last?

We would expect the Powerflush to maintain a clean system for up to 5 years.

What will a central heating Powerflush cost?

Our rates are (before VAT) £380 for a combi system, £400 for a non-combi system, or £50 for an individual radiator.

The system rates include: flushing of the boiler, pipe work and radiators; use of chemical cleaner and vibration techniques for sludge removal; use of magnet filter; addition of inhibitor; and re-balancing of radiators.

Whilst this is a relatively high one off cost, you stand to make significant savings in respect of reduced repairs and increased boiler life expectancy.

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